Social Media Marketing and Facebook: Why you need a profile

Social networking sites that use Web 2.0 technology have revolutionized the Internet’s usage over the last few years. The once one-way internet connection has become a dynamic medium that allows users to share many content, including photos and videos.

How has social media like Facebook changed how online marketers market online? They’ve made our lives so much easier. Facebook is the perfect medium to advertise in a viral environment. These social directories offer an interactive format that lets users create a profile, connect with other users, and share content.

These users are already segmenting themselves in a sense. They have joined together through similar interest groups and connected through content. These social media-enabled behaviors create valuable networks that target and cater to specific demographic groups. The “Net Generation” is now more active in social media. This gives online marketers the opportunity to market to predefined segments online users and position branded messages on websites where they spend their time online.

These social networking sites are also growing rapidly, with more people from diverse backgrounds joining them. Facebook was initially created for college students. However, last year it was made available to everyone with an email address. Microsoft claims that Facebook is now the sixth most popular site in America. It has more than 73 million users across 40,000 networks, including collegiate, high-school, and work-related ones. This is a 530% increase in traffic over a single year.

Social Media Marketing is a method by which advertisers can communicate with this segmented audience online. SMM is a very popular tool in search engine optimization because it has the unique ability to increase website visibility, name recognition and brand awareness among targeted online audiences by acquiring a network of relevant hyperlinks.

What are the opportunities Facebook offers for targeted online marketing? According to the Youth Trends survey, Facebook was the most popular site among Internet users aged 18-24. Facebook is the preferred site for females between 17 and 25 years old. This figure stood at 56% for males. This demographic is clearly tech-driven due to the fact that they grew up in a culture where online time is an integral part of their daily lives. The site was visited by more than half of the respondents at least once per day. They spent an average 35 minutes each time.

These users are also familiar with online environments and can find and locate specific pieces of content that interest them. Online marketers have the ability to reach users through social media sites like Facebook at crucial moments of relevance by sending them advertising messages.

How can social media marketing be used to reach these young adults who are difficult to reach? Here are some ideas for how you can smm panel cheapest use Facebook social media marketing.

Connect through Groups: Facebook offers an endless number of interest groups that users can join for a variety of reasons. These groups can be used to discuss a wide range of topics, including politics, marine biology, snowboarding and politics. There is a group that will suit your interests and target market no matter what. Let me tell you. Since 2003, I have been a Facebook user or “Facebooker”, and I’ve seen many groups for anything, literally. Many groups have a local focus such as the Denver Broncos fan group or Denver Chinese Students Group. Each group has its own page, with a discussion board, gallery, and a photo gallery. This page is the best place for messages targeted at specific audiences. It almost guarantees that everyone who views it will be your target audience. When I was trying drive traffic to a website I worked for, I used to place descriptive and attractive links to videos on the group’s discussion board. These links were followed by many members of the group that was dedicated to skiing to view videos about their favorite sport. I had great success.

Connect through Applications: Facebook recently opened its platform to developers from outside. These applications range from fantasy stock picking simulations to games of “beerpong” to maps that mark desired travel destinations on the world map. Developers and marketers alike have the opportunity to integrate marketing messages and functions into these applications. Users can add as many applications to their profiles as they wish. Numerous developers have done this and have seen major results, including increased brand awareness and traffic from Facebook. Many have also connected to their sites.

Connect through Content: Since Facebook users can post images, videos, links, photos and more to their pages, advertisers can seamlessly use social media marketing strategies to reach these groups via content. Your brand will always be visible to your target audience if you position your content in the right place. Facebook is an infinite repository of consumer data that many experts call “a community within a box”. Why not take advantage of this data and get involved? Connect with content.

Connect through Events: Facebook’s growth has brought an “Events” section to the site. Here users can post information about future events and invite their Facebook friends. Searchable throughout the entire event section, users can find information about the events they are interested in, including the name of the host, the location, the time and even the description. Facebook allows each event to have its own page. Users can then RSVP, decline to go, and even post information to the page’s public discussion board, such as what to wear or what to bring. Social media marketers have the opportunity to create events and invite those who are most interested. This medium has allowed me to create events for clients, and then post information and invites in the right groups. If you want to promote a reggae concert, or college football game in the future, make sure to find as many groups that are related to college football, reggae, music and other sports. Then, post the information on their discussion boards so that everyone who is interested knows about it and can attend.

Connect through Mobile Devices: Facebook just announced this week that it had partnered with Research In Motion (RIM) and their BlackBerry device. Facebook is now accessible on a variety of mobile devices, including BlackBerrys. Advertisers have the opportunity to reach potential customers at a local level and position their company’s presence at the time of relevance.

Despite its explosive growth, Facebook has faced many challenges. Facebook recently implemented additional security measures to protect private information in response to criticisms from a variety of groups. This will not only reduce privacy concerns but it will also encourage more people to sign up for the site and to share more information about their lives. This will force social media marketers into being more creative and innovative in identifying and finding target audiences.

Facebook users are adept at segmentation, connecting through shared interests and content. These social media-enabled behaviors create valuable networks that target and cater to specific demographic groups. The “Net Generation” is now more active in social media. This gives online marketers the opportunity to market to predefined segments online users and position branded messages on websites where they spend their time online.